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Born in Austria in the early sixties, I came to Australia for a look around in 1988 and decided to stay, intrigued by the life in the bush and especially by this little town, strange and isolated in the desert : Coober Pedy.

That is not me in the photo - but there was a time when I wore that type of costume.  I always look back with great fondness when I remember that era and where I came from.


For this website I dug around and found a lot of old photos - this made me realise the various looks I have had : Crocodile Dundee, Freddy Mercury and then Borat - unless of course that people shameful copied me!



As soon as I arrived in Coober Pedy I launched myself into the mining adventure - the search for opals.

This type of adventure consists in getting heavily into debt and to dig and dig to find these precious gemstones.  And I dug.. and dug… and dug.



But we can speak about all this when you come here.

If you are interested in a different type of tourism and you want to see things that the normal tourist will never see, then contact me using the contact us form.

One of the "parcels"of Opal we have found over the years.

Unfortunately, the "Big-One" is still missing

















Contact: Michael Venus   -    Lot 1528 Amorosi Drive Coober Pedy, 5723.    PO Box 828 
Email: venusopal@live.com.au   -  Phone: (08) 86 723 060

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